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Photo: Facebook/Lindsey Vonn

As if Olympic champ Lindsey Vonn weren’t already enough of a badass, now she’s fighting to ski against men—something she’s actually been positioning for since 2012.

When speaking at the Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit in Boston, Vonn revealed that the Austrian ski team thinks that because she’s a girl, she’s a princess; the group is pretty much turning her desire to battle men on the slopes into a joke. But, the athlete’s not giving up that easily.

“I’m going against the institution. I’m going against all of these older gentlemen who really have not been in the sport at all. They don’t really understand. They don’t actually respect how much I’ve accomplished,” Vonn said at the event.

“I’m going against the institution. I’m going against all of these older gentlemen who don’t respect how much I’ve accomplished.”

Unfortunately, it will be a while before Vonn knows whether she’s actually going to be allowed to compete with the best of the best male skiers for the 2018–19 season. According to a press release, US Ski & Snowboard submitted the proposal for Vonn—a one-time exception, considering she’s won 77 women’s World Cups—but it won’t be discussed with International Ski Federation officials until May at the earliest.

So, why does Vonn want to compete against men so badly in the first place? Well, she has plenty of victories under her belt; she’s quickly closing in on Sweden’s Ingemar Stenmark, who holds the men’s record of 86 wins. Really, she just wants to keep perfecting her craft…and to do that, she needs to be challenged.

“Yes, I have accomplished a lot but I have a lot more that I want to accomplish. I hold some records, but not all of the records.”

“When I train against the men, I ski at a different level, and I want to get to the next level” she said. “I’m not really trying to prove anything. I know that they can beat me, but I want to see where I stand. I have accomplished a lot, but I have a lot more that I want to accomplish. I hold some records, but not all of the records.”

Watch out, boys—this boss lady is coming for you. And to support Vonn, use #LetLindseySki

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