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If you spent the year pushing yourself to reach your fitness goals (I can’t quit you, gallop), it’s time for some low-impact relief.

This is where LIT Method comes in. The uber-popular Los Angeles-based workout—which is short for Low Impact Training—combines elements of Pilates and barre with the intensity of a boot camp. Co-founders Justin Norris and Taylor Gainor set out to create a workout that is based in injury prevention (sounds like we may have been onto something…) that’s easy on your joints—yet still tones and strengthens muscle.

After gaining traction among Angelenos for its full-body restorative workouts, the brand has just announced nationwide availability in the form of a LIT Kit.

An at-home version of their mat class, the LIT Kit is a do-anywhere session designed to deliver serious results over a six-week training program, no matter your fitness level. Through 12 instructional 30-minute videos—along with the brand’s signature resistance band, bootie band, foam roller, and lacrosse ball—the kit promises to provide consistent improvement without impacting joints.

“Our low-impact, high-intensity workout has no running, no jumping, and no weights,” explains Gainor. “While specializing in injury prevention and correcting muscle imbalances, we created a lifelong workout—we felt the need to share the LIT Method experience with the world, and what better way than delivering it to your doorstep?”

So what exactly does that look like? Here, Norris and Gainor have shared exclusively with Well+Good a 15-minute workout—even if you don’t have the LIT Kit, grab your resistance band and foam roller and prepare to work up a sweat without wrecking your body.

Scroll down to get your low-impact, full-body sweat sesh on, with a workout from LIT Method.

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Still feeling the burn of seriously high-impact workouts? Find out why your upcoming year is going to look a lot more restorative. And if you’re still in overdrive, this ultra-buff trainer will convince you to prioritize recovery.

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