Los Angeles’ rock-n-roll fantasy workout at the Roxy

rocksweat_oct4 (116 of 624) Ever felt like your workout could use a bit of a rock’n’roll makeover? Then RockSweat in Los Angeles might be your jam.

RockSweat is a new fitness concept developed Evan and Diane Harrison—a Los Angeles music industry exec and a certified group trainer—that wants to merge the adrenaline rush of a killer workout with the one you get at a concert. Something that helps with this? It takes place inside the historic Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip.

“I’ve been in the music business for 25 years, and I’m a fitness junkie. But I always felt like the connection between music and fitness was missing,” says Evan. Then the ah-ha moment came. “I realized that great music venues with amazing sound systems usually sit vacant in the morning, after the cleaning crew leaves. So I went around LA to see what clubs were interested in bringing in a new clientele.” After all, they’re used to sweaty rock stars, so why not patrons?

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After some searching the pair settled on the newly remodeled Roxy. “The floors are beautiful and there will be no pushups with your hand in a sticky patch,” Evan promises. (We’re not saying it doesn’t still smell like, well, teen spirit.) Like some of the East Coast workouts that have an in-a-nightclub vibe or wellness dance parties in actual clubs, the iconic venue helps turn up experience to volume 11, largely because of the entertainment and production wow-factor. RockSweat has the awesome effects of a show, complete with lights, a big sound system, and that amazing feeling you get when you walk into a club and you feel the music in your bones.

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“The difference is you’re getting your workout fix and your entertainment fix in one,” says Evan, who’s offering the class at 9:00 a.m. on a handful of Saturday mornings through the end of the year (Oct. 18, Nov. 8, Nov. 22, and Dec. 13). And when you’re done you can still make the farmers’ market hangover free.

Drawing from his years of experience producing live events and programming radio and her fitness teaching, the result is a tightly choreographed show with Diane leading the class from the stage, a VJ projecting inspirational images and videos for each segment onto a giant screen (think SoCal themed mountain biking and climbing, surfing and hiking vignettes), a DJ to manage the carefully curated playlist, all while Evan MCs and brand ambassadors circle the floor help with modifications and keep your energy (and planks) up.

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The 50-minute full body workout pulls from everything from dance cardio to HIIT and Pilates core work and every class features six minutes of yoga vinyasa led by a guest instructor (Laura Conley of YogaWorks led the first session). The playlist covers everything from Rolling Stones, Tiesto, Tupac, Ozzy Osbourne, the Beach Boys, Lana del Rey, and Daft Punk. The bass in your chest is included in the price.

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(Photo: RockSweat)

“When everyone is holding plank or some other exercise that is challenging, to get them through I will give a little bit of insight into the playlist and talk about the history of the Roxy,” adds Evan. Did you know The Rocky Horror Show opened its first American stage run at The Roxy Theatre in 1974 before being made into a movie and Neil Young played in the club’s opening week? “We not only want to give you a great workout,” says Evan. “We want to expose people to great music, too.” —Rachel Marlowe 

For more information, visit www.rocksweat.com

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