Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness hosts classes in NYC for the first time

(Photo: Hard Candy Fitness)
Hard Candy Fitness
(Photo: Hard Candy Fitness)

If you watched the Grammy Awards last week and wondered for the zillionth time how you could get dance moves like Madonna’s, you’re in luck.

On March 2, Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness will launch a 20-week pop-up class series called Dancers’ Access, at Broadway Dance Center in Midtown. The debut marks the first time her workouts will be available to New Yorkers.

Madge, whose fitness obsessions, workout habits, and trainers have been chronicled for years (from Barre3 to Tracy Anderson to yoga), launched Hard Candy Fitness in 2010 but the locations have exclusively been overseas, in Mexico, Russia, Australia, Italy, Germany, Chile, and Canada.

The twice-a-week classes at Broadway Dance will be taught by the “Hard Candy Fitness Sweat Crew,” who are described as the top trainers working with Madonna on a regular basis, including Craig Smith, Jessica Castro, Timothy Anderson, and Kendra Kemerley. (Turns out booty-sculpting Addicted to Sweat trainer Nicole Winhoffer joined Madge’s long list of former trainers last June.) The company says that choreography in the classes will be “inspired by Madonna’s on-stage performances,” which you may or may not have been practicing in your bedroom since you were twelve.

“Based on Madonna’s love and passion for dance, we are excited to launch this program as a way for dance lovers of all skill levels to learn what inspires and keeps our global star fit and able to perform on such a high level,” says Craig Smith, who’s also Hard Candy’s creative director, in a press release.

New Yorkers who are dance cardio obsessed will likely be thrilled, but we’re still wondering if Madonna will bring her full fitness concept to the U.S. soon. Or could we at least get an in-class cameo? —Lisa Elaine Held

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