Margot Robbie says toning *this* body part was key to nailing her role in “I, Tonya”

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In 2016, rising star of the silver screen, Margot Robbie, trained for two hardcore weeks in preparation for her role in Suicide Squad (FYI: her daily routine included swimming, Pilates, and cardio). Flash forward to 2018, and Robbie has skated her way to a Golden Globe nomination for “Best Film Comedy/Musical Actress” for her role in the biopic I, Tonya, alongside Saoirse Ronan, Emma Stone, Judi Dench, and Helen Mirren.

Her secret to executing pro skater moves for the big screen? Robbie racked up an impressive amount of hours training both on and off the ice to achieve the iconic, athleticism of Tonya Harding whose career infamously ended after US Figure Skating banned her from the ice in 1994 for having “prior knowledge” of the plot to injure fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan. After unlacing her skate’s each day, Robbie prepped her body—particularly her legs—to nail the moves on camera. That is, until the IRL Tonya Harding offered her some surprising training advice: “She’s like, ‘Forget that, worry about your core strength.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll do more sit ups,’” reported Entertainment Tonight.

“She’s like, ‘Forget that, worry about your core strength.’ I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll do more sit ups.'”

After their heart-to-heart, Robbie shook up her usual routine with upwards of 100 sit ups a day. While these reps aided the actress in nailing her on-screen routines, sits ups can prove harmful to 9-5ers who spend the day sitting in a desk. But no sweat—there are a plethora of abs workouts that don’t put your low back in danger. (Read: planks on planks on planks.)

Keep scrolling for 5 abs workouts to help strengthen your core á la Margot Robbie.

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