First Look: Mash-up classes, mantras, and meaning at The Movement

A new fitness concept debuted in the Flatiron District, and it offers combo classes taught by top instructors—and a greater purpose.
The larger studio, with space for 40 mats and mirrors lining the walls. (Photo: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)


The Movement officially opened in the Flatiron District this past Saturday, May 3, and it’s a studio that defies any of the current categories on the boutique fitness scene—like cycling, barre, or boot camp.

Instead, owners Dana Proman and Jordan Canino tapped top instructors from all over the city, like Strala Yoga star Heidi Kristoffer, former Madonna trainer Josh Holland, and KGBody creator Katherine Greiner, to create a menu of varied classes that combine elements from different genres, i.e. yoga and High Intensity Interval Training or dance cardio and kickboxing. “You’ll never get bored, and there’s something for everyone,” Proman promises.

The concept of housing various boutique classes under one roof seems to be gaining momentum, with BFX opening in June and Fitist working on a similar model. But pulling it all together at The Movement is a thread of deeper meaning, manifested via motivational mantras on the walls (even the bathroom tells you to “Do what you love”) and the studio has a seriously robust charity component.

We stopped by for a first look (and a few sweat sessions) to bring you all you need to know:

The space: The white-washed studio’s design is pure modern simplicity. At check in, a TV offers entertainment distraction (should there be a line), and a cooler sells waters, plus juices, meals, and snacks from Hu Kitchen. A long hallway separates two workout studios, and a locker area features small keycode lockers, two bathrooms, a changing room, and filtered water. No showers, although they do stock face wipes and dry shampoo.

Instructors Heidi Kristoffer and Courtney Chung. (Photo: The Movement Studio)

The classes: There are four total offerings for now—two dance cardio-based, two yoga-based. Katherine Greiner’s Move is 30 minutes of dance cardio followed by 30 minutes of mat toning, and Erin Stutland’s Shrink Session combines dance, kickboxing, and spoken mantras. “Literally you feel like you went to a shrink afterward,” Proman says. “Your mind is cleared, you feel confident, you feel happy.” YogaCharged, created and co-taught by Josh Holland and Santana Iglesias, involves yoga with puffy resistance bands and strength training with a bendable Body Bar that gets at your fast-twitch muscles. Finally, Heidi Kristoffer’s CrossFlowX, which we took, is a yoga flow on steroids, with plyometrics and non-stop tough, strength-building poses like handstands built in. Our class also came with a super loud rocking playlist, and happiness-boosting energy throughout.

Motivational mantras grace the walls throughout the studio. (Photos: Lisa Elaine Held for Well+Good)

The purpose: One dollar per person per class will be donated to the National Brain Tumor Society, and a “Karma Jar” invites further donations. The program was inspired by the fact that Canino lost his mother to brain cancer at age 18, and Proman says, in addition to the everyday charity component, they’ll always be on the lookout for more ways to support causes they believe in and better as many lives as possible.

“The reason we opened the studio is that we really just wanted to be happy every day,” she says. “That’s what the studio is really about, just enjoying life.” —Lisa Elaine Held

32 W. 18th St., between Fifth and Sixth Aves., Flatiron, $32 per class,

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