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adidas_hannah_bronfmanA new generation of fitness celebs (think model Karlie Kloss, DJ Hannah Bronfman, it-girl trainer Nicole Winhoffer and pro rock climber Sasha Digiulian) is on the rise—and it looks like Adidas has taken notice.

The sportswear giant’s new “I’m Here to Create” film series capitalizes on these multi-hyphenates, with the videos focusing their lens on women doing more than just working out and getting sweaty.

“We are obsessed with the versatile female athlete—women who love sports, make decisions every day to live an active life, and are helping to change sports around the world,” says Nicole Vollebregt, head of women’s at Adidas.

We dig the messaging, especially when it’s backed by (young and cool) familiar faces leading the charge in the short videos—with Kloss demonstrating her passion for coding, couture and cookies, Winhoffer sketching out dance moves on paper (and of course, werking), and Bronfman doing, well, a bit of everything.

And while the campaign does include some pros in there as well (hello, Ana Ivanovic), what’s most refreshing to us is the shift we’re seeing away from the cult of the athlete towards the celebration of the active. (This very week, the first episode of Nike’s millenial woman-targeting YouTube series premiered, too.) “I dare you to try and label me,” Bronfman says at one point in the video—and frankly, it’s a mantra we could all repeat.

Hannah Bronfman

Nicole Winhoffer

Karlie Kloss

Ana Ivanovic

Sasha DiGiulian


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(Photo: Adidas)