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You’re invited to our Mid-Summer Yoga Fiesta (healthy margaritas included)

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If your summer has been more air-conditioned office and less endless beach yoga pics, relax: We’re bringing the summer vibes to you.

On July 27, Well+Good is taking over the Noho location of Yoga Vida for our Mid-Summer Yoga Fiesta—and you’re getting first dibs on the guest list.

Score a total-body reboot in one of four yoga classes, and keep the good energy flowing afterward with soothing face masks and superpowered sips by Steaz.

Specifically: Steaz Iced Green Tea, Organic Energy, and (healthy!) Cactus Water margaritas. And did we mention there will be guac? (There’s always room for guac.)

Hit up Yoga Vida’s schedule to reserve your spot (and forward to your BFF to sign up, too). See you there!

In partnership with Steaz