This new fitness studio wants to make you a better runner

If you want to run your best 10K or marathon next year, you may want to bypass the Central Park loop and head to the new Mile High Run Club studio in Noho.
Mile High Run Club
(Photo: Mile High Run Club)

If you want to run your best 10K, half-marathon, or marathon next year, you may want to bypass the Central Park loop and head to this new fitness studio in Noho.

Mile High Run Club opened on East 4th Street last week, and as New York’s first treadmill training studio for runners, its classes are designed to help you increase your speed and endurance, while protecting your body and preventing injury. (Calorie-burning and muscle-building are happy side effects, too.)

We stopped by for a first peek-and-run to share what you need to know before booting up your treadmill.

The workout

Mile High offers two classes, Dash 28 and The Distance. Dash 28, which I took, is 45-minutes total, with about 30 minutes of intervals on the treadmill followed by 15 minutes of strength training and stretching.

In my class, instructor Andia Winslow led us through dynamic stretches before we hopped on the treadmills and immediately launched into tough intervals. There was a slow and steady hill climb where we increased the incline every two minutes while maintaining speed, and then a section where we alternated between sprints and recovery. Then, we hit the floor for kettlebell-based strength and conditioning exercises, like squat-presses, rows, lunges, and walking planks.

Mile High Run Club
(Photo: Mile High Run Club)

It’s a tough, intense workout, but instead of just pushing your body relentlessly, you’re working on your running game the whole time. Winslow set us up for success by starting us with running drills like high knees and butt kicks and then moved around the room correcting form and offering cues for posture, arm positioning, and foot flexion. A sprung floor (you can feel it bounce!) and top-of-the-line Woodway treadmills lessen impact and protect your joints, while focused stretches hit runner-taxed muscles like IT bands, calves, and quads.

On a scene that increasingly feels like it’s all about beating your body into fit submission, it all just felt supremely thoughtful.

The studio

And that extended beyond the workout studio, which, by the way, features a black Astroturf floor, colored lighting, and a booming sound system. The locker rooms are bright and spa-like, with pretty colored tiles in the bathroom stalls and luxe showers stocked with natural Red Flower products. The only downside is that there’s barely any space for post-shower grooming and primping, and as more runners find out about the studio, we’re thinking it’s going to be a race. —Lisa Elaine Held

Mile High Run Club, $34 per class, 28 E. 4th St., between Lafayette and Bowery, Noho,

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