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Welcome to House of Wellness, our hot new show with ReebokONE, in which we turn to leaders in the healthy-living movement and Reebok fitness experts to answer all of your burning questions. 

If you’re anything like Well+Good senior editor Jordan Galloway, you have a hard time not thinking about your to-do list for the day—even in the middle of a tricky move during a bass-thumping studio class.

Mid-workout distraction happens to all of us, but is there really any way to avoid it? Actually yes, according to Lodro Rinzler, co-founder of MNDFL, New York’s premiere meditation studio.

Mid-workout distraction happens to all of us, but is there really any way to avoid it? Actually, yes.

While as many as 80,000 thoughts pop into your brain each day (“It’s actually totally impossible to turn those off,” he admits), Rinzler and MNDFL co-founder Ellie Burrows are spilling how to improve your focus in the video above, including:

  • How everyday people (not just athletes and celebs) can harness meditation
  • Tips for beginners (yes, even if you’ve tried it and said “eh” before)
  • Why meditation is a powerful tool for trainers to mindfully connect with clients

Find out how meditation can transform your life in the video above, and scroll down to snag the wardrobe to match your new mindset.

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