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misty copeland on toes Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@Underarmorwomen

Sure, not everyone can do pirouettes with the precision of ballet dancer Misty Copeland, but there is one move you can steal from the crazy-talented ballerina: her calf-raising morning routine.

According to InStyle, before lacing up her pointe shoes for the day, the pro does 20 relevés on each foot—which are basically calf raises with turned-out feet. And if you’re wondering why Copeland starts her day with ballet knowing full well she will be in a seven-hour rehearsal shortly after, her answer is simple: “This isn’t a long career, so it’s really important to stay in tip-top shape and never stop dancing.”

“This isn’t a long career, so it’s really important to stay in tip-top shape and never stop dancing.” —Misty Copeland

Aside from her daily relevés, Copeland has some other sweat-sesh favorites you can totally crib: When she’s not practicing, you might find her doing Pilates or hitting the treadmill at Equinox. She’s also into taking recreational ballet classes when she’s traveling. But how does she stay full, given her super-active hobbies and lifestyle? Homemade kale chips that have a kick of immune-boosting apple cider vinegar.

BRB: Going to go do some relevés while making kale chips in hopes of getting on Copeland’s tiptoe level.

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