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(Photo: Jill Martin for Six02)

As a broadcaster for the New York Knicks, a fashion correspondent on The Today Show, and an author, Jill Martin doesn’t exactly have lots of free time for getting sweaty. “I love the way I feel after I work out, but getting to the gym is tough for me,” she admits. “If I don’t work out in the morning, it never happens.”

One thing that motivates her? Melding her passion for athleticism with her love of looking great. “I feel like when I look better, I feel better and perform better. You will never see me in an old T-shirt and sweatpants at the gym,” Martin explains.

Which explains why she partnered with Six:02—a new fitness fashion shop that curates picks from brands like Nike and Under Armour into categories that appeal to active urban women—as a member of its “Fit Crew.”

Here, Martin shares her typical workout week, from barre class to watching basketball players get sweaty. —Lisa Elaine Held

Monday: I work weekends, so Monday morning I usually have time to work out. I’ll head to Flybarre right near my house and do the Power 45 class. For some reason, 45 minutes seems WAY shorter than an hour and more workable. It’s funny how 15 minutes can change my mindset from the get-go! Barre really targets each part of your body separately, and I leave feeling great. And I know women can relate when I say, you don’t sweat that much, so my blowout stays in place, which saves me an extra hour! I’ll wear a cute Asics headband to help protect my hair, too.

Tuesday: I am on the Today Show most Tuesday mornings, so I’ll try to make an 11:30 barre class after the show, but that often doesn’t happen, so Tuesday is often one of my off days. I try to eat well when I don’t get to workout—two hard-boiled eggs (one yolk) for breakfast, a salad with chicken for lunch, and a grilled piece of fish for dinner. My close buddy nutritionist Joy Bauer said something to me that resonated. I told her it’s very hard for me to pass up dessert, and she said, “Just tell yourself it is not an option.” I find myself saying that out loud often, and it works!

Wednesday: I try to do yoga early on Wednesdays. I feel like my body really responds to it. I think it’s good not only to stretch but to slow your mind: I leave my Blackberry for 90 minutes and it feels good to tune out. We all need to do that. Lately I’ve been wearing my Nike Studio Wrap to class.

Thursday: I work early Thursday mornings, but I love my Thursday afternoons. I’d been going paddleboarding on the Hudson. It’s a great workout. Most people think, “Why would she do that?” I haven’t fallen in yet, but I know people who do triathlons and they swim in the water…

Friday: OFF DAY!

Saturday: I will do a barre class and then go for a 30-minute walk on the West Side. Hot or cold, it’s nice to be outside and clear my head.

Sunday: I usually have a Knicks game, so I take that day off my own workout and I watch basketball players break a sweat!

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