My Weekly Workout: Tara Costa

Tara Costa As a contestant on The Biggest Loser, Tara Costa lost. One-hundred-and-fifty-five pounds, that is.

She didn’t stop at that dramatic transformation. Costa is now a dedicated triathlete, training for her third Ironman. And she’s working as a trainer, helping others achieve results like hers. Her passion and motivation are constantly on display, so much so that she started the Inspire Change Foundation to promote healthy lifestyles around the world.

Costa was in New York City in this fall helping top cycling brand Specialized launch Alias, its first women’s triathlon bike, and we took the opportunity to find out what a week of her inspirational workouts looks like.

Monday: I had a bike fitting for a new Specialized Alias women’s triathlon bike, and rode 30 minutes on a trainer. It was cool seeing the power output of my right leg and left leg, because I was focusing on the specific technique. The best thing about the fitting was that the Specialized BodyGeometry Fit technician made me realize how important it is to get a proper, personalized fitting on the bike.

Tuesday: Rode my new Alias bike for an hour and a half as part of filming a video for Specialized and then taught boot camp class in the evening. While riding, that’s when I reflect on my day and think about goals and what I want to accomplish for myself. I love to ride and get lost inside myself for a while.

Wednesday: I trained with a client and we did bodyweight exercises together. Afterward, I went to the park to run myself. I did a one-mile warm-up with 15 pick-ups (30-45 seconds faster than my normal pace, 45 seconds on each time), then I cooled down.

Thursday: Today I did yoga and a 40-minute strength workout. My strength session was a CrossFit-style workout (50 thrusters, 50 toes to bar, etc.). Yoga was a hot yoga class, which is always painful for me, because I’m the least flexible person—but you have to focus on your weaknesses!

Friday: I did drills intervals on a trainer bike (60 minutes) and two-mile run. This was a mentally challenging workout because I prefer to be outside, but the trainer does save time, and I like to play it safe during rush hour.

Saturday: Today was a client’s first half marathon. I waited for him to get close to the end and then jumped in to help him finish strong. Also during the race, I encountered a man with two prosthetic legs, who said, “Tara, you inspire me!” I couldn’t believe it because he is the inspiration!

Sunday: I ran a half marathon with my clients. It was their first one! I felt like a proud mama. It made me realize that half marathons are like life—you will feel exhilaration, anticipation at the start, and you will feel down moments when you feel like you can’t take another step. But you still have to fight through because you know you’ll be proud of the accomplishment at the end. It’s all about the power of a positive attitude! —Lisa Elaine Held

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