My Weekly Workout: The Brooklyn Peaches

The beauties behind this synchronized swimming club suit up for a week of workouts, whether in a retro bathing cap or a pair of yoga pants.
The Brooklyn Peaches wear Malia Mills
(Photo: The Brooklyn Peaches wearing Malia Mills.)


The Brooklyn Peaches, founded by outer-borough beauties Nicole Salm and Nicole Sciarrillo, are a fun-loving, anyone can do it, synchronized swimming club.

In summer, they turn every city hotel with a rooftop swimming pool into an Esther Williams spectacular. And the Peaches recently worked with designer Malia Mills on the new Love Thy Differences swimwear campaign (pictured), a collection which just debuted in stores.

The fit duo plan to spend the New York fall and winter teaching swimmers of all levels and body types at their super-friendly indoor classes. While they consider synchronized swimming their “highlight workout” of the week, “the rest of the time we love to mix up our exercise routines,” says Sciarrillo. “We’re inspired by multiple forms of movement and we learn from all our teachers,” adds Salm.

Here’s a typical week of workouts that the Peaches pursue, whether in a retro bathing cap or pair of yoga pants. —Melisse Gelula

Monday: Haitian dance with Peniel Guerrier at Peridance Center. Nicole Salm has made an effort to start her week there for the last 5 years. This beautiful take on traditional Haitian Folkloric dance is also great workout. We featured some of these dancers in our most recent summer show!

Tuesday: Synchro! First there’s 30 minutes of laps, then an hour practicing together before teaching class. It feels like playtime for us! We always factor in about 15 minutes of treading water and ballet bar in the water just to talk and catch up with each other. The friendship and teamwork of synchro is the magic that ties us all together.

Nicole Salm and Nicole Sciarrillo demo the Ballet Leg on land

Wednesday: Prema Yoga! We love to support local businesses and this studio is owned and run by two yogi friends. Their sincere dedication to practice and community is evident in the care and consideration they give to all their students.

Thursday: Day of rest! We’re always striving for balance and know that downtime is really important and gives our bodies a chance to rejuvenate.

Friday: We work out with Nicole and Chris, the husband and wife owners and teachers of Pilates Boutique. Their original studio is in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and they just opened a second one in Manhattan, which makes it easy for us to get to before or after work—or on a lunch break. Pilates is an especially great prep for us with its focus on core strength which is necessary for synchro’s signature move: the Ballet Leg.

Saturday: Bike riding through our favorite borough! We’ll keep bike riding in Brooklyn as long as the weather allows us to—and maybe just a little bit longer. The cherry on top is riding out to restaurants like The Farm on Adderley in Ditmas Park and Arepas Guacuco in Bushwick.

Sunday: Choreography day. Most people may not realize this, but a lot of synchro prep is done out of the pool. “Land drills” involve practicing the routine by walking through it on dry land. This helps you mark timing with the music while visualizing yourself performing seamlessly. When no one else is watching, we’re in a living room together, listening to our favorite tracks, dancing around to create our next routine.

For more information about The Brooklyn Peaches, visit or email

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