My Workout Playlist: SIN Workout’s Vanessa Martin

Vanessa Martin

Still running to songs of seasons past? We’re here to help! Each week, we share the tunes of popular fitness instructors who’ve got a serious knack for cranking out amazingly motivating music. 

This week we tapped Vanessa Martin, creator of fitness concierge service SIN Workouts, to share her rockin’ tunes. Since Martin has literally created a career by motivating clients through their workouts (and being their human alarm clock), we knew her playlist would be everything we need to power through ours.

The mix of EDM and club hits make for a perfect BPM backdrop for your morning run, or backyard barbecue. The playlist, she says, was inspired by a recent business trip to Miami. “We were staying at The Eden Roc Resort during Ultra Music Festival, and there were constant pool parties on-site,” so don’t be surprised if you start dancing during HIIT. —Sarah Sarway


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