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Naomi Campbell's go-to move for strong glutes Pin It
Photo: Instagram/@iamnaomicampbell

It’s always great when a celebrity’s go-to exercise is one you can easily do at home, without needing any equipment. Supermodel Naomi Campbell‘s simple booty-blasting move falls into that category, and it just might leave you sore for days.

In a video posted to her Instagram Story (see below!), Campbell demoed “hip circles,” a move she uses to keep her lower body strong. According to her trainer, Joe Holder—who also works with Bella Hadid, Georgia Fowler, and other models on the reg—it’s a great way to kick off her workout and get her muscles ready for business.

“Naomi does hip circles every day as part of her warm-up. It’s part of a hip mobilization series that increases the range of motion in her hips and activates her glutes.” —Joe Holder, trainer

“Naomi does this move every day as part of her warm-up,” Holder told Self. “It’s part of a hip mobilization series that increases the range of motion in her hips and activates her glutes.”

And, it’s easy to try at home: The move is basically a circular version of fire-hydrant butt exercise to help you work an area that tends to be forgotten.

“Hip circles help you dig deep into the outer hip muscles that are often neglected when you’re doing moves like lunges and generic leg lifts,” personal trainer Stephanie Mansour told Self. “[It’s a] strength exercise, but it’s also part of a dynamic stretch. You’re lubricating your muscles at their attachment points and increasing the flexibility of your hip joints. This can really help loosen your outer hip.”

naomi campbell butt exercise
Photo: Instagram/iamnaomicampbell

According to Mansour, you just need a padded mat to do the move. Start on all fours, raise your right leg and rotate clockwise in a wide circle with your knee bent. Complete 10 circles, then before dropping your leg, do 10 circles the other way. After you’re done, switch legs and repeat.

Starting your workout sessions with this move like Campbell could help you gain better control over your body, improve your balance, and increase your flexibility in and out of the gym. Plus, it’ll help your booty look better than ever.

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