New York City is finally getting its own (special) Wanderlust Festival

No savasana 'till Brooklyn.
Wanderlust hosts big festivals and smaller “Yoga in the City” events, like this one in San Francisco. (Photo: Meghan Mehan for Wanderlust)

GoogaMooga’s hordes of tipsy foodies won’t be coming back to Prospect Park this year.

But 8,000 yoga enthusiasts will be there on September 13, for Wanderlust 108, the yoga festival company’s first “mindful triathlon,” and its first major festival in New York City. (We’re not talking about the “mini” Yoga in the City fests, which they have hosted on Pier 63 in the past.)

“Doing something in our own backyard and really building something for our own community is really exciting,” says Jeff Krasno, a Brooklynite who founded the company with his wife, Kula Yoga founder Schuyler Grant, and Sean Hoess.

The new concept

Instead of bringing the traditional four-day yoga-and-music festival to the Big Apple, Krasno says that Brooklyn, with its wide network of wellness purveyors, was a prime location for building something new.

“This was an opportunity for us to dig in and remain innovators and really push our creative limits a little bit to create a new experience that can keep Wanderlust on the cutting edge,” he says.

The one-day fest will be aimed at a broader audience, from teachers down to yoga dabblers and runners. Its “triathlon” will consist of a 5K run, a meditation and lecture session, and one giant 90-minute yoga class. If all goes well, it will be turned into its own event series, with the next happening in Atlanta later in September.

MC Yogi
MC Yogi will teach “Beastie Yoga” (Photo:

What to expect

Starting today, 3,000 premium tickets will be available for purchase ($38 until June 6, $78 after) for the debut Wanderlust 108. Once those sell out, 5,000 free tickets will be released on a lottery basis, but those will not include a spot in the 5K run (or a gift bag).

The meditation and lecture portion will feature meditating congressman Tim Ryan, NFL player turned meditation guru Keith Mitchell, and Elena Brower. Seane Corn will teach part of the yoga class before passing the mic to MC Yogi, who will lead “Beastie Yoga,” a yoga-music tribute to the Beastie Boys.

There will also be lots of additional music, slackline, and Acroyoga performances, healthy food vendors, and a wellness-focused marketplace. And proceeds from the day will benefit organizations working to bring yoga and mindfulness programs into city schools. All of which makes it sound like unlike GoogaMooga, it might be invited back the following year.—Lisa Elaine Held

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