New York City’s 7 most talked about workouts of 2015

Y7 Like restaurants, “it” workouts can generate serious fitness buzz, whether it’s because the concept is new and intriguing, because celebrities share post-class selfies from inside…or any number of other sweaty reasons.

Because New Yorkers might be getting used to seeing barre studios and CrossFit boxes on every corner, however, it now takes more than a shiny location to get them talking.

So we reflected on the year and decided that these seven workouts that achieved water-cooler, dinner table, emailing-your-bestie frenzy, from indie yoga with fashion-world cred to the not-going-anywhere brands that still dominate the fitness scene.

Here are New York City’s seven most talked about workouts of 2015 (listed in no particular order).

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AKT AKT in Motion

In October, the crowd waiting to get into the opening party at Anna Kaiser’s first downtown studio, on Broadway at 28th Street, rivaled the line for Cronuts. Kaiser also opened her first permanent Hamptons location earlier, in May, debuted new classes and a DVD, and basked in the glow of Kelly Ripa’s constant praise (when she wasn’t flying all over the world to train Shakira). If you didn’t hear people talking about her this year, it was because her fans were too busy executing round-the-clock grapevines and shimmying beneath the disco ball at her studios.

(Photo: Instagram/AKTinMotion)


Shadowbox Shadowbox

Boxing, in general, picked up steam as the workout to try, but Shadowbox took the prize for the buzziest studio in town, thanks to a high-design, amenity-filled space, star instructors, a tough workout, and the quick announcement of a second location opening in Dumbo, Brooklyn in early 2016.

(Photo: Shadowbox)


sky ting yoga Sky Ting Yoga

Sky Ting opened in July and quickly became the “have you been there yet?” yoga studio of the summer. Vogue calling co-founder Krissy Jones “fashion’s favorite yoga instructor” certainly didn’t hurt, nor did the fact that she and partner Chloe Kernaghan were already beloved New York City yoga teachers with a big network, and they tapped a cool artist to design the space.

(Photo: Sky Ting Yoga)


Y7 studio Y7

Y7 has been picking up steam (or giving it off…during hot, hot sessions) for a couple of years, and it really took off this year, with a cool new Flatiron space that may win the award for the most Instagrammed fitness spot in all of NYC (see above), a Soho studio of its own, and lots of downtown celebs and members of the fashion-y elite popping up in classes.

(Photo: Instagram/Y7 Studio)


Lena Dunham Tracy Anderson

Anderson’s workout has been in the public for a long while now, but this year she drew even more attention, primarily thanks to Lena Dunham’s numerous selfies from the Tribeca studio (and her hinting at the workout in the trailer for the upcoming season of Girls). Anderson also opened a bigger, year-round studio in the Hamptons, launched an organic food delivery service with business partner Gwyneth, promoted her #TAMily all over the globe, and was then in the news for being sued by neighbors over noise at the Tribeca studio. (All press is good press, right?)

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PopPhysique_NewYorkCity,jpg Pop Physique

New Yorkers love something shiny and new, and when it comes with branding reminiscent of American Apparel ads? Done. (Barre is also still trending like crazy.) So it’s no surprise that Pop Physique arrived on the scene, via the West Coast, to lots of chatter and excitement. Whether it will have the staying power of other LA imports like Barry’s Bootcamp and the Megaformer method (introduced to NYC by SLT) remains to be seen. In the meantime, lots of legging-clad ladies are giving the just-opened NoMad studio a pulse-and-tuck-filled looksee.

(Photo: Pop Physique)


SoulCycle IPO SoulCycle

You may be sick of hearing about Soul, but that’s because, yes, people are still talking about it all. the. time. The ubiquitous brand made boutique fitness history this year with its IPO filing, opened an insane number of locations all over the country, and was parodied on Broad City, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Bravo’s Odd Mom Out. While it may not be the exciting newcomer anymore, you can’t not talk about it when it’s everywhere.

ClassPass also made some interesting moves in New York City in 2015. Read about how the company is funding the growth of workout studios, here.

(Photo: SoulCycle)

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