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Now you can take more of New York City's best boutique fitness classes online. (And yes, they're cheaper this way.)
You can now take 30-minute online classes with New York boutique fitness studios on Booya. (Photo: ChaiseFitness)


A new online workout platform debuts every day, from popular fitness studios streaming their own classes (like Body by Simone’s BBS TV) to sites with tons of classes that only exist online (like Daily Burn).

Just-launched Booya Fitness takes a new approach, and it’s got something a lot of people want—namely, online workouts with some of the best classes and instructors on New York City’s booming boutique fitness scene, that are a do-able 30 minutes, no commute necessary.

“I wanted to try to take advantage of the amazing innovation that’s going on in fitness in New York and bring it to busy people or those with limited options in other cities,” says founder Prita Kumar, who curates the experience

Kumar, who’s also currently getting her MBA at Harvard, had the idea while working in the busy world of finance. “I used to do Flywheel, but I would go at 7:30 p.m. on Friday nights because it was the only class I could definitely get to,” she says, due to late nights and early mornings at the office.

Booya’s videos, like this one of Amanda Rose Walsh’s Warrior Fight Club, are filmed in cool studio spaces around New York, so they don’t have that sad and heavily scripted ’90s-aerobics-style format so common on DVDs. (Photo: Booya Fitness)

She thought there must be others like her who could maybe fit in one or two SLT or Barry’s Bootcamp sessions a week but then skipped workouts altogether on days when meetings went especially long or work piled up. To further help with the time issue, she decided to keep all classes at 30 minutes.

Currently, Booya Fitness includes classes like Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp with founder Ariane Hundt, As One Effect with founders Mark Merchant and George Vafiades, ChaiseSculpt with ChaiseFitness co-owner Rachel Piskin, Fusion Yoga with Zander Gladish, a popular instructor who teaches at Pure Yoga and Yoga Vida, Trooper Fitness with Prince Brathwaite, and more. And many more—like BeyondBarre and conditioning with Flybarre’s Shay Kostabi—will be added as the site grows. “My core principles are that you should have fun, and class should be very hard,” Kumar says. (Hey, we like that combo.)

And now the part that pertains to your pocketbook: Registered users can watch one featured video a day without paying. (Compare that to the live $33 version of most of these workouts!) Access to the entire library of content will cost you $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

Of course, if New Yorkers don’t fall for Booya due to, say, a SoulCycle obsession, there are plenty of people across the country who’ll likely be thrilled to get this small taste of the city’s exciting workout scene. —Lisa Elaine Held

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