New York’s hottest outdoor boot camp dudes

A little exercise eye candy never hurt anyone. And it might even motivate you to work out harder this summer.
Prince Brathwaite Workout motivation comes in many forms. An upcoming beach vacation, your best friend’s wedding—or, maybe, a chiseled trainer who winks at you during burpees.

And this summer, New York’s outdoor boot camps are full of instructors who will literally (and figuratively) make you sweat. Plus, all of these squat-commanding dudes are all-around good guys who care about your personal health and well-being. What’s sexier than that?

Is this story slightly shallow? Yes. But what these guys will help you accomplish is not. (Plus, it’s summer. Lighten up!) And hey, a little exercise eye candy never hurt anyone. —Lisa Elaine Held

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 Photo: Prince Brathwaite of Trooper Fitness


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Adam Rosante Adam Rosante

Rosante debuted his pay-what-you-can workout, The People’s Bootcamp, in Central Park only a year ago, and since then, he’s been featured in tons of magazines and on talk shows like CBS’ The Couch. His quick ascent to fame is attributable to his hard-core, results-driven HIIT style.

But his huge smile, muscled arms, and silky hair don’t hurt. Plus, his fitness-for-all mantra and spirituality-infused sessions make do-gooders swoon. Dude’s got soul.


Bishop Garland Bishop Garland

Love a guy who can pick you up over his shoulder without batting an eye? Garland, the founder of Street Kamp, is former military, and he’s a serious tough guy. (Only during class.)

He won’t play nice or ask if you’re okay (until later)—he’ll make you crawl through sand on your stomach and bear crawl up hills while he watches.

You’ll kind of hate him—until you love him. And no matter what, you’ll want to impress him.


Brian Delmonico Brian Delmonico

The ponytailed, vegan founder of Circuit of Change has a warmth about him that will win you over immediately.

Hippie and healthy chicks will dig his earthy vibe (and Iron Man-meets-yogi physique), but don’t expect to just sit and chant with him.

He’ll push you to challenge both your body and mind in break-through new ways and will make you sweat like crazy. From working out, that is.


Dennis Remorca Dennis Remorca

Clean-cut Remorca, the owner and founder of the Upper East Side’s Remorca Fitness, has a sexy, brainy-dude look that will make you giddy.

Don’t worry, you won’t be the only one ogling him. He was a natural bodybuilding champion and a fitness model before.

And he loves you back. After all, he drags those brutal battling ropes all the way to Central Park just to get you in shape.


Noah Neiman Noah Neiman

Barry’s Bootcamp’s Neiman may have already met his love during one of his classes (drat!), but he’ll make you feel like you’re the only one while his pushes you to your absolute max, with his million dollar smile and sexy tats. This guy seriously cares about the progress of each and every one of his clients, and it shows.

There’s only one chance to catch him outside this summer—on August 13 at Pier 25 as part of the series hosted by Lole and Fitist—so slot it into your Google calendar now.


Prince Brathwaite Prince Brathwaite

Brathwaite, the creator of Trooper Fitness, is hell-bent on motivating everyone around him, and his enthusiasm is contagious.

In his presence, you’ll really feel want to become the best version of yourself, and he’ll help you get there.

And don’t be fooled by his super sexy model shots on Instagram. His muscles are huge, but his ego is tiny. He’s just a fun, laid-back dude you’ll want to hang out with after class.


Will Torres Will Torres

Torres, owner of Willspace and creator of Stealth, has a Clark Kent-Superman vibe going on that, well, really works.

When he’s not commanding bench push-ups and box jumps, muscles rippling, you may find him looking suave in glasses and a dapper suit jacket.

And his approach to training is genuinely smart and creative, so you’ll want to listen to him tell you about it…over drinks?


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