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The Peloton bike is a game-changer in boutique cycling, starting with the fact that it’s made to ride in your living room.

When everyone else is scrambling to book a class and hoping to nab a bike with a top instructor, with a Peloton bike, you’ll have world-class indoor cycling classes in your home any time you want. (Great while the kids are sleeping, if your local gym doesn’t exactly offer quality indoor cycling, or a million other time-saving reasons for over-scheduled urbanites.)

The bikes are now available on Kickstarter!

Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 5.21.15 PMThe gorgeous Peloton bikes are completely new to market, and they come with a 22-inch touch screen, which streams live or on-demand classes from the Peloton studio in New York City. A motivating instructor, awesome music, and a view of real riders sweating with you help create that high-quality boutique experience.

Data geeks take note, the bike displays your cadence, resistance, power output, and number of calories burned. (Or turn the metrics off and ride without the data.) And those who like workout accountability, you can sign in via Facebook Connect and invite friends to ride with you on the Global Leaderboard.

By purchasing a bike on Kickstarter, not only will you be the first to own a Peloton—you’ll get it for a fantastic value. Check out the various contribution levels—$1,500 gets your very own Peloton bike hot off the assembly line. How quickly will you pay off your investment? The 3x-week indoor cycler spends close to $5000 a year on studio rides. Nuff said.

Check out the Peloton bike on Kickstarter now!