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45Grand_3_loYou may have heard Nike opened its first fitness studio in New York City this past spring. Or then again, there’s a good chance you didn’t, since it’s not open to the public.

45 Grand, named for its address in Soho, was built as an exclusive showroom and workout space for VIP guests and media and has since been surfacing on social media via editors and models posting fitness selfies (#betterforit).

Its “elite nature” has been mocked by some, with headlines like “Are you important enough to be invited to this secret Nike gym?” But whether you have access to the HIIT and yoga classes with trainers like Joe Holder and Traci Copeland or not, it’s worth a peek inside. (It’s Nike, after all, and they tend to go big.)

Check out this inside look at 45 Grand, including inspiring design shots and examples of some of the trainers and guests in action…

 (Photo: Nike)


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45Grand_2_loThe space, designed by Rafael de Cárdenas with creative director Jen Brill, is in a former metalwork shop and includes cool design elements like glow-y lighting and industrial accents throughout (if paired with a prolific amount of Instagram hashtag prompts).


45Grand_1_loThe dramatic workout area transforms into a showroom for media previews of new Nike Women collections.



45Grand_5_loIt also pays tribute to female athletes with nods to their achievements and past design moments worth remembering.


45Grand_8_loLockers in the back of the space come with customizable screens that display logos, inspiring slogans, or the names of those with appointments for classes and training sessions. (And yup, it makes you feel pretty special.)


Nike 45 GrandFashion It-girl sisters Nathalie and Laura Love are an example of the models and socialites who frequent classes with trainers like Joe Holder, pictured here.

(Photo: Instagram/ochosystem)


Nike 45 Grand 2 Supermodel Karlie Kloss, star of a Nike Women campaign, is another regular visitor, pictured here triangle posing with Nike instructor Traci Copeland.

(Photo: Instagram/karliekloss)


Nike 45 Grand 3 Sky Ting founder Krissy Jones teaches yoga sessions in the space, too. And while it may be invite-only, by-appointment, and filled with models and editors, designer De Cárdenas really gets the role style plays here: “It’s not some sort of fashion gym. It’s a real workout,” he told Architectural Digest.

(Photo: Instagram/krassyjones)


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