Try this ab-tastic outdoor workout—no equipment required

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Photo: Jovo Jovanovic
While Akin Akman can usually be found shouting feel-good mantras from the seat of a SoulCycle bike, come summer, he likes to head outside the dark studio for some fresh air…and a good sweat sesh.

For an ab-blasting sequence, Akman says your body weight alone is enough to leave you shaking to your core (literally) in a quick and easy way—meaning you can get back to all those fun, summer activities ASAP.

“These two moves, especially when combined, target all areas of your core and will leave you feeling strong and powerful—and definitely feeling it the next day,” he promises.

Plus, it takes less than five minutes, meaning you can squeeze in a hardcore (get it?) workout while on your lunch break, when you’re hanging out by the pool, or during The Bachelorette commercial breaks (hey, no judgment here).

But this means no excuses. So go on, drop and feel the burn anytime, anywhere.

Scroll down to see the core-shaking, ab-tastic moves brought to you by SoulCycle’s Akin Akman.

Get Started
Photo: Akin Akman

Shoulder Tap Plank

1. Begin in a plank position, with your hands below your shoulders.
2. Lift one hand off the ground to tap opposite shoulder and bring it back down, before switching sides. Be sure to keep hips and shoulders square to the ground and avoid lifting hips to keep your torso still. Alternate for one minute.

Photo: Akin Akman
Photo: Akin Akman

Leg Lift

1. Start with your legs outstretched, core engaged, and arms above your head.

2. Then, simply lift your legs a few inches off the ground, keeping your back flat and arms above your head. Hold for one minute before releasing to the ground.

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