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Photo: Athleta Sweat Series

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What to do when your sanity needs a sweat sesh, but making it to the studio is just not going to happen? Sweat Series is here to help! We partnered with Athleta and asked the industry’s hottest instructors and fit-stagrammers to give us their quickest—and hardest—do-anywhere workouts. So, get pumped! (On your own schedule.)

Think you can’t do push-ups? Chelsea Foss is happy to tell you the good news: you definitely can. And she wants you to do them—a lot of them.

“If you can hold a plank, even if it’s just for 30 seconds, you can do a push-up,” the SoulCycle trainer explains. “It’s such a widely used exercise, from boot camps to spinning to at-home workouts, everyone does push-ups, but most people don’t do them correctly.”

The correct way to do a push-up, Foss says? Think of it as a moving plank. “The same way that every muscle and part of your body is used during plank—that’s what you want to aim for during a push-up,” she says. “People sometimes complain about lower back pain or too much pressure on their upper body during the exercise, but if that’s the case, you’re doing it wrong.”

She wants to spread the message far and wide that a push-up isn’t just an arm exercise but a full-body exercise. (That way, if you can’t yet take the push-up all the way down, you’re still getting a phenomenal workout—and working on getting better.)

Utilizing this form in Foss’ five-minute push-up perfecting video, which we created with our fab fit friends at Athleta, will translate across all of your workouts. (Even those on-bike workouts, Foss says “still hold the plank form in your upper body!”)

So while your arms probably will (and should) be burning during the superstar trainer’s set, you should also feel it in your legs, glutes, and core.

Try Foss’ five-minute full-body workout above and, as she reminds you, don’t kill the messenger! (You’ll thank her in the long run.)

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