Physique 57 is opening in the Financial District (AKA “the next hot fitness spot”)

Physique 57

Physique 57, the luxe barre brand beloved by fashion editors—and fashion designers—is opening its ninth studio in New York City’s Financial District on January 1. (Ask for barre socks in your holiday stocking?)

The studio is Physique’s fourth location in Manhattan, and it has locations in the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, two in Dubai, and one in Bangkok. (A tenth studio is opening early 2016 in a yet-to-be disclosed city.)

The barre scene has clearly exploded, however “we’ve always chosen quality over quantity,” co-founder Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi says. “We’ve created such a large footprint in Manhattan with only three studios. Most of our time is spent focusing on the method and instructor training, and not just expanding. We could have opened up a studio per year, but we pay a lot of attention to quality of client experience.”

That will be reflected in the new FiDi studio on Broadway at Exchange Alley, which will have a more modern feel, Vaughan Maanavi says, an expanded lounge area to create a living room-type feel, and a custom scent with notes of cucumber, jasmine, mandarin, lemon, and jasmine that’s new to all locations.

Also very spa-like is a new custom lighting system that’s meant to “enhance the emotional and mental experience of the workout.” For instance, a stretch class will have a warm tone like yellow, while a cardio class will have a hotter tone like red. And the FiDi location will have the greatest variety of P57 classes, since a start-from-scratch schedule allows Physique to pepper in more of the specialty classes like cardio and mat, to target different muscle groups, Vaughan Maanavi says.

“We really believe FiDi is the next hot fitness spot,” she adds. “There are so many businesses moving down there, but there’s so much more room for fitness.”

“Plus, I just love being down in FiDi, since I used to work in finance,” she adds. “It reminds me of being 25.” And honestly, who wouldn’t love that? —Jamie McKillop

Physique 57 FiDi, 55 Broadway, Suite 1602, New York, NY, 10006,

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