The new LA yoga studio with a chief music officer on staff

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West Hollywood is quickly becoming ground zero for yoga studios with sick soundtracks.

Nikki Pennie High Res Photo Joining NYC’s hip-hop-heavy Y7, which, opened on Melrose Avenue earlier this month, is Playlist Yoga—a beat-driven vinyasa flow space that debuted January 11.

“The [best] group fitness experiences are all based around music,” says founder Jordan Cohen—a former attorney, DJ, and CrossFitter-turned-yogi, who formerly frequented sweaty music hotspots like Maha and YogaHop. “Our whole goal is to open up yoga to the people who wouldn’t normally go.” (In other words, those who need more than the sound of ujjayi breath to truly lose themselves on the mat.)

To that end, Cohen enlisted LA DJ Nikki Pennie (right) to serve as chief music officer; she’s curating tunes for the studio’s public spaces and digital channels, plus helping each instructor refine their class playlists. “Everyone can find something that they’ll recognize, and also music that they haven’t heard yet,” notes Cohen, who adds that during a typical 60-minute class, speakers will bump everything from indie pop to rap remixes to classic rock (think Lil’ Wayne followed by the Rolling Stones).

He’s also culled an all-star roster of instructors, many who have, until now, taught exclusively on the Westside—Hustle & Flow’s Nicole Sciacca, Yogaworks’ Calvin Corzine, and Equinox’s Elise Joan, among them.

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Add in the studio’s seriously cool amenities—you can reserve a spot for your mat, shop slick Koral activewear, and stash your stuff in lockers named after Britney, Bey, and other music royals—and you’ve got a vibe that meshes perfectly with the block’s other scorching hot fitness destinations, including Rise Nation and Cycle House.

“We think this is a great gateway to get people learning about yoga, finding their spiritual side and what really resonates with them,” says Cohen. Rock on. —Erin Magner

Playlist Yoga, 624-A N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, CA, 90069, 424-249-3400,

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(Photos: Playlist Yoga; Nikki Pennie)

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