Plus Factor: And why there’s a runner in our logo

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Well+Good is your healthiest relationship, hooking you up with the best, most interesting things/people/leggings in wellness. And nothing gets at this concept better than the plus-sign in our logo, which acts like a gallery window where we showcase the most exciting, transformative objects and ideas that add wellness to your life. Starting with our brand-new running series, The United States of Running, which debuts Monday, May 30. 

No, it doesn’t just seem like all your friends are suddenly signing up for half-marathons—they are. Among women, running is at an all-time high: Not only do 90 percent of Well+Good readers do it (not surprising—you’re all superstars), but more than half of the 17 million race finishers (57 percent, if you want to be exact) in the U.S. in 2015 were women.

In light of this major trend, we’re thrilled to announce we’re launching a summer-long W+G running series, The United States of Running—an everything-you-need-to-know guide to the sport, whether you’re just starting out or have achieved ultramarathoner-status.

From the nation’s top races and the pro advice you’ve been dying to hear to the clothes you actually need (and look cute in, to boot), we’ve researched the buzziest issues on the running scene to make sure you stay on pace.

And we’ve gone the extra mile with the photography. As anyone who spends time looking for stock photos will know—images of healthy, strong women that complement smart fitness articles are few and far between (unless you’re looking for “overly enthusiastic girl grinning while breaking a sweat in pink shorts,” that’s often all you find).

That’s why we organized a Well+Good photo shoot that features real women who actually run, lift, and sweat for a living. We tapped amazing trainers and instructors from New York City’s hottest studios, from Fhitting Room to WRKNYC. They inspire us to add a bit more mileage, weights, or sweat every day.

Scroll down for a sneak peek and behind-the-scenes look at our running photo shoot—and stay tuned for our amazing running series!

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Photo: Jenna Cantagallo for Well+Good

Working with our amazing photographer Tim Gibson, our instructor-models hit the streets of New York City, rocking looks from top activewear brands while jogging all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. FitBit scores were off the hook that day. (Pictured here: Amanda Butler and Tamara Pridgett.)

Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

Many running stock photos feature generic, what-city-is-this running paths. We zeroed in on the city sidewalks and paths where real New York women actually run, and had a great time doing it, as this shot of Kate Shill Gardner cracking up at jokes between shots proves.

Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

It was a beautiful and warm spring day in the city, meaning the instructor-models like Tamara Pridgett here didn’t have to pretend to be warm while in freezing temps. (Jenna Cantagallo, chatting with Amanda Butler in the background, not only art directed the shoot, but also helped carry jackets and long-sleeve tops as the shoot went on just in case.)

Photo: Tim Gibson for Well+Good

The shoot resulted in incredible photos that really showcase women trainers who love running, and fitness, and live to share their passion for it with the rest of us.

We can’t wait to launch this new running series and share the photos with you. Check back on May 30 for the kick-off.

Tim Gibson

Shoot directors:
Jenna Cantagallo, creative director
Katie Maguire, fitness and fashion director

Amanda Baker: Half-marathoner and Instructor at WRKNYC
Amanda Butler: Instructor at Fhitting Room
Kate Shill Gardner: Roadshow Manager at Sweaty Betty
Dina Ivas: Instructor at Equinox
Tamara Pridgett: All-American Sprinter and Instructor at Tonehouse

Can’t wait until May 30? Get back into your running routine now with these tips for choosing the right running sneaker and set a new PR with this secret to running faster.

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