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Photo: Facebook/@POTUS

You already know the Obamas are a health-conscious family—President Obama gets in regular time on the basketball court and loves snacking on almonds (sometimes more than seven a day), and Michelle is the force spearheading the White House’ Let’s Move! fitness campaign (and is known to have an intense SoulCycle habit).

We don’t know the Obamas’ exact weekly workout regimen (although FLOTUS is basically our dream running buddy)—but we now have the president’s workout playlist, thanks to a recent issue of Wired that the commander-in-chief guest edited.

What have we learned? First, Obama’s a Beyonce fan—not a surprise considering Queen Bey sang at both of his inaugurations. (Though considering the First Couple’s super-bae-ness, we doubt Lemonade is ever getting served in the White House.)

But he’s not strictly listening to the pop star—Obama’s taste covers a range of music genres. Also on the playlist are the more indie Icona Pop and Forro in the Dark, with some classics like Sting and Nina Simone thrown in there. Oh, and Bob Marley. Try out his playlist during your next HIIT session and see if you feel like the most powerful person in the free world.


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