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Quiz: Which fitness tribe do you belong to?

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Long, long ago, working out was a solitary activity you did on a treadmill in your oversize alma mater T-shirt. Thankfully, at a certain point some fitness-world heavy hitters realized that sweating it out can be challenging and fun—and the boutique fitness boom was born. Now there are a whole lot of choices if you want to feel energized and healthy.

For instance, is your day punctuated by Dirty Lemon collagen drinks, barre classes, and Taryn Toomey–inspired layers? Or are you all about intensity, from your morning HIIT class to your afternoon Bandier splurge?

Just as being around your happy-go-lucky BFF can boost your mood, finding and embracing your fitness tribe can help you harness the positive power of those around you to make the most of your goals. Where do you fit in? Take the quiz below to find out.

Once you find your fitness tribe, think of hosting a women’s circle or a new moon gathering.

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