Our search for the next America’s Most Inspiring Trainer starts *now*

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The best fitness instructors are more than just workout cheerleaders (although they’re essential on that last burpee). They’re also BFFs, therapists, and general examples of what it means to bring it, 24/7.

That’s why, once again, we’re teaming up with ReebokONE to find the trainers who inspire and empower Well+Good’s totally in-the-know, workout-loving community.

Are you a fitness pro—or know of one—who fits the bill? We want to hear his or her story. Nominate your sweat-sesh role model (or enter yourself!) by October 29—and they could be the next America’s Most Inspiring Trainer.

From your nominations, 12 next-level finalists will be put to a nationwide online vote—and the winner will score some major props, including a one-year contract with Reebok and serious coverage on Well+Good (including an exclusive feature). Last year’s winner, CJ Frogozo, even starred in an episode House of Wellness, our in-depth video series with ReebokONE.

Ready to share your trainer with the world? Nominate your Pilates/CrossFit/everything bestie ASAP.


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