Refine Method to open a third location on the Upper West Side

With a third studio in under two years, the neighborhood fitness fave is on its way to becoming a name brand on the city’s fitness scene.
Refine Method
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Neighborhood fave the Refine Method, which came on the scene in September 2010, is on its way to becoming a name brand on the city’s fitness scene.

Just a few months after opening its second studio in Union Square, the boutique fitness brand that uses pulleys, push-ups, and cardio bursts is now debuting a third location on the Upper West Side–and it will be the largest one yet.

Founder Brynn Jinnett says she didn’t have plans for an immediate expansion. But she walked by the space, which happens to have “a rich fitness history” (hint, hint!), and decided to check it out on a lark. (Exact address to be announced soon!)

The Refine Method
The Refine location in Union Square opened just a few months ago.

“We have existing clients and potential ones who have been asking us to come to the Upper West Side,” she says. “It seemed fortuitous that we stumbled upon this space.”

The new studio, which will open later this summer if everything goes according to plan, will be slightly larger than Union Square’s, with one workout room, a lounge area, and two showers. (Yay to washing up before work!)

But a larger studio will not equal larger classes—they’ll still be capped at 16.

The new studio will also debut Jinnett’s recently redesigned Refine system, which includes new components like a pull-up bar and a hanging mount for punching bags. (The system will eventually be rolled out at the other locations as well.)

Instructors will rotate among all three studios, and Jinnett is currently training a new corps to meet schedule demand. It’s a challenge the fitness mover-and-shaker is meeting head on. —Lisa Elaine Held

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