Resolved: We resolve to try a scary new workout

We resolve to take advantage of this city’s spectacularly varied fitness offerings by trying something we're totally scared of—and that we'll likely suck at. Here's what we found.

We’re suckers for the optimistic, self-improving nature of New Year’s Resolutions—that, come the Times Square ball drop, we can work toward living happier, fitter, healthier lives in the coming year. So we devoted this week to making one resolution each day—including the resolution that we probably won’t have it all figured out by January 1.

Our first resolution? To try something new—and scary—from the New York fitness scene.

We generally feel pretty proud of ourselves for trying new workouts so that we can write about them here on Well+Good. Then we realized we kind of gloss over the classes that scare the bejesus out of us. Or that we think we’ll suck at. So we confronted our fears (and egos) to find something absolutely terrifying to us—and found two.

Yoga teacher Raghunath is famous for his inversions-based class called Flight School, which he teaches at Kula, Pure Yoga, YogaMaya, and YogaWorks Soho. “Crazy enough for teachers, accessible enough for intermediate students,” says the description of this class, which encourages you to fly and float through the air—and be brave about wiping out. We’d settle for flight attendant school. Gulp.

US Army Master Trainer Gerald Moore teaches this seriously killer boot camp at The Sports Center at Chelsea Piers (which is available to non-members). In addition to squat thrusts (with sandbags), Moore uses the whole 150,000-square-foot Chelsea Piers complex as an obstacle course. Running up and down staircases and sprinting along the piers sounds like a Matt Damon movie (Bourne Fitness Identity?)—and in fact, it might be easier if we were being chased by an enemy. But we’ll enlist soon so there’s no chickening out. —Alexia Brue

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