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Ah, the time of year when it’s pitch dark at 5 p.m. and your diet consists entirely of warming soups and toasty mugs of golden milk. Sure, it can be gloriously cozy—bring on the Netflix marathons!—but it can also be a killer to your outdoor workout routine.

The answer? The 837 Run Club, a super fun group jog that takes place in New York City every Saturday morning. It’s a sure-fire way to hold yourself accountable and get on the move—with the help of a supportive workout squad and lululemon run coaches, of course.

Plus, all fitness levels are welcome. You can choose to trek three or six miles, and you’ll get loads of friendly encouragement plus a voucher for a free sweetgreen salad or grain bowl (something Well+Good editors could definitely get behind).

And if all that’s not enough? When you hit up the run club, you could also get to try Samsung’s Gear Fit2—the tech giant’s latest fitness wearable, which blends the most coveted tracker specs into one super-tracker. (And we wouldn’t call it a super-tracker lightly.)

Photo: Samsung

Not familiar with the joys of tracking your every move? We tried out the Gear Fit2 to give you a sneak peek—and we’re happy to report all the details.

Ours featured a bright magenta color—although it also comes in a navy and black—and all are outfitted with a small rectangular touchscreen for all of your tracking feats. Bonus: It comes with built-in GPS and Spotify apps, so you can map your route and jam out on the way.

One of the coolest aspects is its all-day activity tracking. All day long, it counts your steps, floors walked, minutes stood, and calories burned every second. Which means that even if you have to slow to a walk during the group run (no worries!), every step still counts.

While those fitness pursuits may seem like familiar specs on a wearable, the Gear Fit2 can also follow how much water and coffee you drink—with goals for consumption and limitation, respectively. So each time you chug your water bottle while running along the Hudson River with the 837 squad, count that as a win.

Each time you chug your water bottle while running along the Hudson River with the 837 squad, count that as a win.


When you’re handed the Gear Fit2 at the beginning of your run, scroll through all of the in-house app’s exercises (it’s even got less standard choices like hiking, stair stepper, pilates, and rowing) to select running.

Once you get on the move, it tracks the need-to-know intel for a jog—including distance, time, speed, and active heart rate. (Bet you can’t do that during your regular neighborhood spin.)

Making your workout feel like a goal-crushing, super fun game? That will definitely get you out of your apartment.

Want to try it? You can check out the Gear Fit2 every Saturday in NYC at the Samsung 837 Run Club. For more info, go to 

Top photo: Stocksy/Studio Firma