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When you schedule yourself some much-needed yoga time, chances are you’re doing your flow in a bare room or in front of a window—not unrolling your mat in front of a massive screen in a room stimulated by tech.

But at Samsung 837‘s ongoing Wanderlust event series, that’s exactly what happens.

The high-vibe experience center is now playing host to a series of mindful wellness events, with free yoga classes every Friday at 8 a.m. But instead of om-ing into the void of a minimalist space, mats are surrounded by screens, giant speakers, and an in-house DJ. (Consider that the Wanderlust spin.)

You might be thinking that detoxing in such an overstimulated environment wouldn’t work. But after trying it out a session with Lauren Imparato, founder of I.Am.You Studio and author Retox, we’re here to report that it 100 percent does.

Photo: Lauren Imparato

In some yoga classes, you may slowly move through your flow, holding each pose for 10 seconds or so. Not Imparato’s—her method is designed to get your blood flowing. The quick movements mesh with the stimulated screens and music from the in-house DJ for a total-body experience. Even though it takes place before most of us have had our coffee, you definitely won’t fall asleep.

Moreover, it really works your mind and body. While some yoga classes are gentle, this one is definitely a workout. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to reflect during class. Imparato prompts everyone to devote their practice to someone and several times during the hour reminds yogis to keep that person front of mind when going through their flow.

Unlike at many studios where people sneak out during savasana, this morning felt more like an a.m. yoga party.

At the end of the class, attendees got to take their yoga mats as a gift (score!) and Health-Ade handed out gut-healthy kombucha. Unlike at many studios where people sneak out during savasana, this morning felt more like an a.m. yoga party. So yes, yoga and tech can totally go together—consider it a power start to your day.

Want to check it our yourself? See all the yoga, meditation, and fitness events coming up (and reserve your spot!) at

Top photo: Stocksy/Lumina