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Shadowbox NYCBrooklyn already knows boxing, but fighters training at Gleason’s might not quite recognize their new neighbor, despite the room filled with heavy bags, wraps, and gloves.

Yes, Shadowbox—the swanky boutique fitness studio that strives to be the “SoulCycle of boxing”—is moving in next door, in the new Dumbo Heights complex that will also be home to businesses like Alexis Bittar, Etsy, and trendy start-up co-working space WeWork.

It’s the latest example of boxing’s growing popularity among those who are aiming for toned triceps instead of TKOs—and the new breed of boxing gym was bound to hit the hot borough soon.

“Brooklyn has this really rich incredible history of boxing,” notes Shadowbox owner Daniel Glazer. Plus, at this point, he says, “any brand on the planet would be lucky to call Brooklyn home, and Dumbo, specifically, has this feel as this little enclave of artisans and small businesses and creative people.”

The studio, which is expected to open in early 2016, will mirror the brand’s Flatiron location in most ways, including the workout and class structure and the look and feel of the space (aside from some potential to-be-determined Brooklyn “accents”).

And you can expect that the Dumbo location won’t be alone in the borough for long, as Shadowbox eyes future expansions, especially since the announcement of SoulCycle’s IPO, Glazer says. “We’ve been the beneficiary of new and continued interest from the investment world.” That likely means more places to break a boutique studio sweat on both sides of the Manhattan Bridge. —Lisa Elaine Held

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