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Photo: Shadowbox

When Shadowbox lets people into the ring at its new studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn, in November, the opening will mark an important milestone: It’ll be the buzzy boxing workout brand’s first expansion since it opened in New York City’s Flatiron District in May 2015—but it’ll be far from the last.

Shadowbox just revealed (exclusively to Well+Good) that it will open two additional locations next summer: one in Manhattan (specifically, Soho) and the other across the country in Los Angeles. This takes the brand one step closer to becoming the SoulCycle of boxing—and makes it easier for celeb fans like Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima to get their uppercut fix on both coasts.

“More than any other place, people kept saying, ‘Why aren’t you here? You have to come here,” says owner Daniel Glazer. “The most consistent request was to come to LA.”

The West Coast studio will be in Downtown LA, an up-and-coming neighborhood he feels has exciting energy that’s similar to Brooklyn’s, making it the perfect spot for Shadowbox.

Photo: Shadowbox

Each of the new locations will retain the brand’s core elements—high-energy group classes in spaces that are more Restoration Hardware than Rocky—with slight design tweaks to fit the place. “We’re trying to find the nice happy place between consistent experience in all locations and unique twists to the neighborhood that fit the local culture,” he says.

One development that serves consistency was naming three “master instructors”—Julie “Jaws” Nelson, Jeremiah Maestre, and Raymond Montalvo—earlier this year. All three are helping recruit and train newbies to teach with true Shadowbox style.

Glazer says his team also just launched the first line of Shadowbox apparel (sold online) and is expanding personal training services for loyal group-class clients who want to go deeper.

Last but not least, he’s shopping locations in the Hamptons, with an eye on opening there by next season, too, although nothing is confirmed on that front. Is it likely to happen? “I feel like we always try to hit above our weight class,” he says.

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