Shay Kostabi brings her amped-up interval training approach to LA

Shay Kostabi

Bicoastal fitness dynamo Shay Kostabi got her start in New York City as an in-demand Flybarre master instructor whose classes filled up instantly.

Her killer fitness fashion wardrobe with style tricks like pairing leopard leggings with a floral top didn’t hurt her popularity, either. Women have been known to show up to class just to see what she’s wearing…

Since signing on as the master trainer and creative director for next-generation resistance band system Rexist 360, she’s developed a series of workouts that take interval training in a class setting to a whole new, sweaty-fun level.

Shay Kostabi

While Kostabi spends a lot of her time in Los Angeles, the classes are currently only offered in-person at The Movement in NYC—until now.

On Sunday, May 10, Kostabi will teach an exclusive ReXist360 Cardio class at the Sweat Series at Athleta Santa Monica. Cue phone call: “Hey mom, we’ve got plans!”

At this can’t-miss workout, she’ll lead you through 60 sweat-filled minutes of strength-training combos and explosive cardio while wearing the resistance band around your thighs. “I give 120 percent with every workout I lead,” Kostabi says. “I’m not a cheerleader cheering you on, and I’m not a drill sergeant barking orders at you. I’m not on the sidelines, I’m in there with you for the entire class.”

Shay Kostabi

She is a former dancer and choreographer, though, which shines through in the way that every exercise is done to the beat of an expertly-curated playlist, sequenced to take you on an emotional journey. For the Sweat Series, Kostabi will pay tribute to Mother’s Day with a powerful, female-driven playlist that’s all about love, having fun, and girl power.

I mean, did your mom really want to just go to brunch when this is an option? —Jamie McKillop

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(Photos: Shay Kostabi)

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