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This is the hardest workout ever, according to Shay Mitchell

The hardest workout ever, according to Shay Mitchell Pin It
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Celebrities flock to badass workouts. You’ll find them cross-jab-and-hooking it up in boxing studios, slaying the Muay Thai game, and sometimes even trudging through five-hour workouts a la Charlize Theron (hey, action roles happen).

Another one that catches stars’ sweat-craving attention? Pilates. But not only do A-listers heart the classic calisthenics done on Reformers—they’re also flocking to the buzzy sculpting machine known as the Megaformer (or shall I say torture device?).

How challenging is it? Shay Mitchell says it best: “Hardest. Workout. Ever.” The Pretty Little Liars star made the pronouncement in her Instagram Story today after doing the Megaformer class at Los Angeles-based studio Carrie’s Pilates Plus.

shay mitchell megaformer workout
Photo: [email protected]

The actress points out that she’s super-concentrated and “trying not to cry” as she executes lunges and squats on the sliding Pilates machine with an incredible amount of resistance that requires all of your body weight and strength. It’s no joke.

And the sweat emojis are definitely warranted (shall I say Mitchell isn’t lying)—the second you hop onto a tremble-inducing Megaformer, you’re immediately hit with its intensity. It’s almost impossible to leave one of those workouts without being drenched. Regardless, Mitchell proves her power by looking chill as she gets through it—so what’s her…secret? (Sorry, PLL fans, had to.)

Other celebs who are getting their sweat on in smart ways: Karlie Kloss, whose trainer shared her official workout with us, and Dakota Johnson, who swears by this 30-minute butt-sculpting workout.