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Is squeezing in a workout helping or hurting you when you’re tired?


Welcome to House of Wellness, our hot new show with ReebokONE, in which we turn to leaders in the healthy-living movement and Reebok fitness experts to answer all of your burning questions. 

Picture this: You’ve finally sat down after a day of back-to-back meetings, and you’re spent—but you didn’t get in a workout this morning. Do you A) skip it, and dive for the Netflix or B) head to the gym, and make sure you get in your 45 minutes of heart-pumping action?

That’s pretty much the busy person’s modern-day conundrum. But seriously—when you’re feeling officially done-zo, is it helping or hurting to squeeze in that daily dose of sweat?

When you’re feeling officially done-zo, is it helping or hurting to squeeze in that daily dose of sweat?

To find out, Well+Good senior editor Jordan Galloway paid a visit to Frank Lipman, MD, at Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. And Dr. Lipman dropped some serious intel:

  • Exactly why you’re so tired all the time.
  • Why you shouldn’t push yourself too hard—and what exercise methods are best for recovery.
  • What works and what doesn’t—including whether infrared saunas are legit.

Tune in to get all of the eye-opening info—and prepare to transform your entire workout mindset.

Find out how hard you should be hitting up the gym—and when you should be doing it—in the video above, and scroll down to shop the looks (including those must-have leggings).

ReebokONE honors the fitness instructors who inspire us, motivate us, and drive us to achieve our goals. How? By building a team of trainers that’s 120,000 strong worldwide—and giving them 25 percent off all purchases, always. Because fitness pros do more than sculpt bodies. They help us dream big.

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