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Photo: SLT

SLT’s Megaformer classes have been one of the best kept secrets in New York City’s boutique fitness scene for years. But word is finally spreading outside the Big Apple: The studio (which fuses Pilates, cardio, and strength training into a single hardcore workout) just opened its first location in Philadelphia—with plans to open a spot in Boston by the end of the year. And it’s only the beginning, according to founder and CEO Amanda Freeman.

“We’re hoping to open more in those areas largely because of the demand and what we felt was a lack of boutique fitness options,” she says. “They’re markets where the clientele is very fit [and] looking for an efficient and effective workout—and there wasn’t anything like SLT.”

“They’re markets where the clientele is very fit [and] looking for an efficient and effective workout—and there wasn’t anything like SLT.”

In addition to the new East Coast outposts, Freeman exclusively revealed to us that she’ll open a new studio on 87th and Lexington in Manhattan (SLT’s sixth in six years) as early as December—and plans to add more studios around the city (likely Brooklyn) ASAP. “Some of them are in the New York area, so either in NYC or just outside,” she says. “We’re hoping to open another one outside of Philly. And we’re going to be expanding on the East Coast in 2018.”

And studios aren’t the only new thing SLT’s revealing right now: The brand introduced upgraded machines this month at its Flatiron location. The equipment’s intended to offer a more challenging workout (if that’s possible), and is designed to help speed up transitions and spring changes during class. Looks like the unstoppable rise of the Megaformer is still moving at full (pelvic) tilt.

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