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Ever get halfway through a workout and realize, I am SO not into this? You’re feeling sluggish, your eye is on the clock, and you’d rather skip to the post-workout snack.

Sounds like you need a fitness intervention—and SoulCycle is delivering the video series to help you snap out of it.

Game-changing advice from major fitness heroes? Motivational pointers to give you all the feels? Edgy visuals that make you want to move? Basically, it’s your own personal power jam, in video form.

Whether you use it as fuel for a high-energy SoulCycle ride or simply to lace up your sneaks and get out the door, figuring out exactly why you’re putting in the effort in the first place is a powerful tool—both in and out of the studio.

Already feeling inspired? For the month of April, SoulCycle is upping the ante with the Turn It Up challenge, daring you to complete 10, 20, or 30 rides in 30 days (and yes, swag is involved). Game. On.

Watch the video now, and sign up for the challenge for major kicks.

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