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Photo: SoulCycle

Fancy china and kitchen appliances are about to get some serious competition: you can now register for SoulCycle classes as wedding gifts.

Thanks to a new collab with Zola—a wedding registry website that also offers chic home decor, experiences, and cash options—fitness-fanatic newlyweds can choose to include either SoulCycle classes or the brand’s iconic bike itself (you know, if you’re ready to be like Lady Gaga and take the Soul home) in their selection of dream presents.

It’s the first time boutique fitness has made its way into the wedding registry world, and it kind of has us wondering why this hasn’t happened before—it’s the perfect gift for those cardio-loving couples to continue their pre-wedding get-healthy habits after the moment they’ve been gearing (ahem) up for.

“When we first launched Zola three years ago, it was my dream that couples could register for whatever they wanted,” says Shan-Lyn Ma, CEO and co-founder of Zola. “We will do anything for our couples and knew they loved SoulCycle, so we are thrilled to make it possible to register for classes.” Oh, we are too.

As of this week, both 20-class and 30-class packages have been fair game, along with the yellow spinning bike, for all couples registering for their gifts. The price for class packages varies, city by city, but the lowest price for 20 classes is $540 and the most for 30 is $1020 (that’s in NYC of course). The bike? $2,200. (Though you’ll definitely be guaranteed a place of honor at Thanksgiving dinner every year if drop that kind of cash.)

And for those not necessarily looking to spend that much, Zola offers a gift contribution option so friends and family can donate however much they want toward gifts.

Anyone else ready to get married now?

Speaking of SoulCycle, here are 10 inspiring mantras from “Soul Original” instructors. But before you strap into your bike, these are six ways to prevent injury during your next class.