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Amanpulo Resort
Amanpulo Resort, The Phillipines


We asked some of New York’s favorite fitness stars, yogis, natural beauty buffs, and juice connoisseurs where they’re going to escape and unwind this summer. Hopefully their vacays will inspire something other than jealousy.

Tanya BoultonTanya Boulton, Yoga instructor and creator of Tanya-B
I’ll be at Amanpulo in the Phillipines for five days! It’s a private island with a 24-hour concierge service, AND we have a cabana boy. They have daily yoga classes and a spa. My boyfriend actually surprised me, as he knows how much I love spa-and-yoga combos. We’re also diving every day, and the food is supposed to be super fresh.

David KirschDavid Kirsch, Celebrity trainer
I am going to Charleston, South Carolina, for the Fourth of July. I love being on the beach, because it’s so easy to be healthy. I chase my daughters around all day, in and out of the water, which is fun and is also great exercise. At night, we eat fresh fish and vegetables for a nutrient-rich and delicious dinner.

Siobhan O'ConnorSiobhan O’Connor, Author of No More Dirty Looks
My getaway plans might not be glamorous, but they’re my idea of time very well spent: Toronto to see my brother and his family; Montreal for one of my best friend’s weddings; upstate for bonfires and canoeing with friends. I find it easy to stay active when I’m on the go—I sneak in a yoga class or just retire to the lawn for a headstand and some postures anywhere I am.

Eric HelmsEric Helms, Founder of Juice Generation and co-founder of Cooler Cleanse
Summer is the busiest time of the year for me, so I don’t get out of the city that much. But I am planning a trip to the Brazilian rainforest in late August to learn more about acai. I’m very excited to see how these beautiful purple berries are harvested and made into the pulp that we serve at Juice Generation.


Brynn JinnettBrynn Jinnett, Founder of The Refine Method
I am actually writing to you from Turkey, from my first vacation since the studio opened this fall. Being in Turkey has been a wonderful opportunity for me to experience delicious, fresh foods. Meals here are an event—a time to spend enjoying the company of friends and family. After a few days here, I tried to convince our guide to open a Turkish food truck in NYC. Success to be determined!

Yoga Vida Mike Patton

Mike Patton, Owner of Yoga Vida
I’m not sure that I’ll be able to tear myself away for the next few months with the recent opening of our second location. When it’s tough to get away, a morning escape to Long Beach, New Jersey, or Montauk for a sunrise and a dip in the ocean—however brief—sure brings some perspective back to life in NYC. —Lisa Elaine Held