Supermodel Nina Agdal’s guide to sweaty (and healthy) New York City

nina-agdal-healthy-ny-guide-1 Nina Agdal grabs a 14-pound medicine ball from the pile of beach ball-sized weights at New York City’s Tone House, hoists it over her head—and then mutters, “No one will believe that I can actually lift this.”

Such is the life of a supermodel: Where the last two forehead-smacking decades in her industry valued “heroin-chic” and week-long master cleanses, reinforcing the message that pretty women shouldn’t also be strong. For the 23-year-old NYC-based Dane, who’s influenced by a healthier path—and heavy weights—that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Rather, this Victoria’s Secret model and Sports Illustrated cover star is a self-declared workout junkie who seeks out some of Manhattan’s toughest workouts, and she’s chasing goals like upper body strength and a solid core.

“It’s recently become my target to just get…not quite a six pack, but something going on there,” she says, laughing, and pointing to her abs minutes before a grueling Tone House workout (hosted by the fitness fashion brand Vimmia) kicks off.

We chatted with the supermodel about all of her favorite healthy hotspots around New York City. Here’s her (sweaty) guide…

For a full-body workout: Tone House
“This is the toughest workout I’ve ever done. I now do it two to three times a week—and for this workout, you really have to be in the right mentality walking into it. If you’re a morning person, going at 8 a.m. is great. But I’m not a morning person, so I go around 10 a.m. or noon. I’m simply not strong enough mentally—at 8 a.m. I’m like, ‘My legs won’t do what you’re telling me to do right now!’”

NinaAdgal_VIMMIA For a pre-workout snack: Keep it light
“If you eat too much [before a Tone House workout] you’re probably going to end up with an empty stomach after this hour—so I have a Quest Bar, a banana, black coffee, and a little bit of water.”

For one-on-one attention: Soho Strength Lab’s Andrew Speer
“I have my personal trainer, and he’s amazing for just training my body with what it needs. I work with him on days I’m not at Tone House.”

For a post-workout meal: Sweetgreen
“That’s my spot right now. Although they just took away the cauliflower, and that was my favorite thing! So I’m very upset about that [laughs]. I make my own salad and put in romaine, cucumbers, red onion, broccoli, and chicken—no cheese or grain or anything like that.”

For lean muscle definition: SLT
“It’s very leaning—and it’s a lot of core. You have to use your core for balancing the entire workout. You see the girls there, and [their bodies] say it all.”

For new yogis: Y7
“It’s amazing for me, because I’m not that great at yoga—I would like to get better—and it’s for every level. I’m one of those people who starts laughing as soon as a class starts doing the ‘Ommmm.’ At Y7 they do that, but then they put on some music, either pop, hip-hop, or some house, and you learn a routine and then do it. And it’s hot yoga, so you start sweating immediately—I love that.”

For an afternoon boost: Juice Press
“I love Juice Press, but who doesn’t?! The Fireball—with the ginger, lemon, grapefruit, all that good stuff … I love that.”

For that almost-six pack: Barry’s Bootcamp
“I do Barry’s Bootcamp on Thursdays because it’s all abs day. Core is the most fun—and easiest, too.” [laughs]

For a beauty indulgence: Try a lymphatic massage
“I don’t do facials—I don’t believe in it unless you have a problem—but I get lymphatic massages, lymphatic therapy. It’s amazing—and a treat.”

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(Photos: Riad Azar)

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