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Take a tropical escape in your tub

tropical scrubs for your tubIt’s hot, it’s humid, and you’re stuck in the city. The good news? You have a shower. And an imagination.

Use one of these all-natural sugar or salt scrubs born and raised in tropical spas in place of your Dr. Bronners, and hum “Two Tickets To Paradise” loudly while you take a few minutes to apply the exfoliating granules from you collarbone down to your dry flip-flop-wearing feet.

In fact, cup a big scoop in your hands first, and breathe it in deeply while picturing a tropical paradise or Bo Derek running on the beach. Then apply it.

Pure Fiji Coconut Body Scrub on

Ticket to Fiji
Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Scrub
In addition to overwater villas and honeymooners, Fiji has plenty of coconuts and sugar. The ingredients make an excellent exfoliating duo—since they both hydrate skin as they slough—and a simple yet sumptuous scent combo. The all-natural ingredients are cold-pressed and sun dried by the small beauty company based in the South Pacific. $43.95,

Malie Kauai Awaken Organic Body Polish

Ticket to Hawaii
Malie Kauai Awaken Organic Body Polish
Turbinado sugar, organic coffee grounds, and macadamia nut oils give this Kauai-made scrub its serious morning kick. While all scrubs are invigorating, the ones with coffee, and therefore caffeine, often make the claim of being the most stimulating. And while the scent is genderless, ladies like caffeine as a cellulite smoother. $45,

Red Flower Isla das Rocas revitalizing sea salt scrub on

Ticket to Brazil (or California)
Red Flower Isla das Rocas Revitalizing Sea Salt Scrub
The flakey, unrefined salts harvested off the coast of Brazil are softer than most, and they’re the base for this brand-new scrub, which comes in eight of Red Flower’s popular scents. I’m partial to Ocean, which calls up Coastal California with essential oils of laurel leaf and eucalyptus. $36,