Fitness phenom Taryn Toomey will open an “energetically-balanced” workout studio

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(Photo: Jaimie Baird)

After a few years of building a following while teaching out of rented Tribeca spaces, fitness phenom Taryn Toomey, creator of spiritually-charged workout The Class, is officially opening her first home studio in New York City this summer—and it will come with accoutrements the fitness world hasn’t seen before, like crystal-embedded floors.

“We want it to feel like a sanctuary,” says Toomey, whose workout is a hard-to-categorize mash-up of yoga, body-weight conditioning, and stomping and shaking to get out what she refers to as mental and emotional “sludge.” (This video helps explain it.)

Toomey expects to open her doors at 22 Park Place in Tribeca by August and will also launch online classes this fall, for those outside of New York and Los Angeles.

We got the scoop on what to expect.

Taryn Toomey
(Photo: Jaimie Baird)

A “soft space”

Toomey worked with designers Rashia Bell and Elizabeth Kohn, whose specialty is in creating  “energetically-balanced interiors,” she says. “They also really understand my aesthetic. Everything will be very soft on the eye and have a really harmonious, ethereal, calming feel.”

That softness will start with the color palate—mauve, sage, cream taupe—and extend to ombre glass walls to separate the main studio from the entrance area. Pieces from The Class’ own new jewelry line will hang as art (for sale, of course), and branding will be minimal.

As for that special floor, it will be light oak and sprung (to absorb impact) and have amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz embedded beneath it “to protect and balance the energetic flow of the space,” she says, and a custom scent will hit your nose as soon as you enter. (So yes, expect spa vibes. )

Toomey says all of this is about starting The Class experience before the sweat starts to flow. “So when people walk in not only are they able to tap into the subtle body work even more, people feel a sense of grounding and their senses awakened before we even start.”

Taryn Toomey
(Photo: Jaimie Baird)

New classes

Having a dedicated space will also allow Toomey to expand her offerings, and The Class will be expanded to include new options like beginner, zero-impact, and advanced versions of the workout, a prenatal class, a 30-minute de-stress session, and an adolescent program.

Toomey will also be bringing in partners to host regular workshops and super-cool complementary class styles, like Los Anglese Kundalini star Guru Jagat and The Bridge, a yoga-qigong method created by Kevin Courtney and Thomas Droge.

And come fall, The Class will be available across the country via a membership-based online streaming service. You just may have to upgrade your living room a little to get the full effect.

Get a taste of The Class now with this Mood Moves video where Toomey demonstrates how to flush out tension. Not that you have any, of course.

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