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Teyana Taylor workout
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Ever since this year’s MTV Video Music Awards, there has probably been a nationwide increase in the number of women dancing in their living rooms in an attempt to get Teyana Taylor’s insane body.

Though the singer and breakout star of Kanye West’s Fade video famously claimed she doesn’t have a workout plan—despite how ripped her abs are—Taylor did admit that she dances to sweat it out. Vague, but enough to inspire us to take up Zumba (or throw on some Beyonce and get shaking).

Perhaps all of the attention on her body inspired her to come out with her own fitness program (or maybe she’s just sick of people asking her how she got her crazy post-baby bod), but Taylor just announced on her Instagram that Fade 2 Fit—her new dance workout plan—is “around the corner.”

“I’m proud to finally announce Fade 2 Fitness!” she writes. “Sign up to stay updated on upcoming dance workouts and behind-the-scenes footage of my workout choreography that I did to get back in shape after having baby Junie!”

This was the caption to a racy video of her—sweaty and scantily clad in tiny athleisure pieces with F2F emblazoned on the front—dancing around in what looks like a modern take on Flashdance, with some shadowboxing and mountain climbers worked into the mix. In the corner of the screen are comments about her body from everyone from Kim Kardashian to Vogue, emphasizing the recent attention she has received on her physique.

“Wanna know my secret? This is how I do it,” Taylor confidently says at the end, knowing it’s a secret many are hungry to know. Judging by her site, they’re going to be “enjoyable” dance workouts you can conveniently do at home, and they’re even safe for pregnant women. Time will only tell if Fade 2 Fit will join the ranks of Instagram trainers with dedicated followings, but based on Taylor’s sudden rise to fame, it likely won’t fade anytime soon.

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