The aims to be your fitness coach, curator, and calendar

The FITiST–a new business that bundles boutique fitness classes at top New York City studios–launched this week. And they’re offering something special for Well+Good readers…keep reading.

The class packages are based on the advice of experts. For example, Dr. Daniel Geller (a foot and ankle specialist) and coach Mike Keohane teamed up to create 26.2, the marathon training package which includes four indoor cycling classes, four Core/Pilates, four yoga sessions, and a group run. Add-ons like massage, nutrition counseling, and private yoga are available.

Not only does the site offer packages from studios they consider to be best-in-class like Flywheel, Virayoga, Aerospace, and Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp, after purchasing a package, you schedule and book all your classes on the site, too.

We caught up with co-founders and Wharton alums, Caroline Limpert and Neda Talabian Funk, to ask them about their new model for managing your workouts and wellness.

Fitist founders
Jonathan Cranin, Caroline Limpert and Neda Funk, founders of Fitist

Not surprisingly both Limpert and Funk are serious athletes (Limpert’s a runner and Funk does everything from spin to yoga). So their getting this right was both a personal and a professional goal of theirs.

Is the concept of a one-stop gym passe?
We’re moving away from hitting the gym or a one-stop shopping approach to fitness to a more targeted regimen comprised of specialty classes—barre, spin, yoga—at different studios.

Fitist is totally unique because it provides that one-stop access model….but it’s updated to include multi-studio, multi-category memberships.

We are living in an age of personalization, so with Fitist the savvy fitness enthusiast can choose a carefully curated plan or customize a plan according to his or her needs. We know what our consumer wants, because it’s what we want. It wasn’t out there, so we created it!

Your monthly plans average $300 per month. Are New Yorkers really ready to spend this much on fitness?
We are living in a FIT Economy, nicely coined by the W+G team last spring. In many ways, fitness and wellness have become the new fashion, taking a chunk of wallet share. So we addressed the new way consumers are working out by developing a luxury, highly curated platform for it.

The sleek, if slightly masculine, feel of the homepage is meant to appeal to luxury shoppers

Our average price point is $300, but similar to any luxury brand, we have a range of plans—$150 for our Rookie (getting started) and Body & Soul (all-access yoga) to $760 for our All-Access membership almost everywhere, our Holy Grail of fitness.

So as a luxury brand you won’t be discounting?
We have a Last Minute Deals area that allows Fitist members a great perk—day-of discounted classes and services. It’s perfect for the busy New Yorker who doesn’t want to commit to a monthly plan, the customer who is looking to try new activities and classes (Krav Maga anyone?), and so on.

How’d you choose the boutique fitness brands on the site?
We tried hundreds of classes in New York City and beyond! We knew we wanted to create a tightly edited network of the best of the best studios, trainers, and wellness providers, our little “blackbook” of fitness and wellness for Fitist.

To request a membership, visit

The first 20 readers to e-mail will receive a Fitist tote and wicking workout socks. Please include your name and mailing address.

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