The future for Tracy Anderson? It’s all about detox

The cardio dance queen’s got big plans to expand her Detox Week workshops in New York and beyond.
Tracy Anderson, center, teaches a master class during one of her Hamptons Detox Weeks.


One of the country’s best-known celebrity trainers is adding educator to her resume. This fall Tracy Anderson will launch Detox Weeks at her flagship Tribeca studio, and she’ll also be teaching the same curriculum in Hawaii. Yes, the cardio-dance queen is in serious back-to-school mode.

The program builds on the success of Anderson’s summer pilot Detox Weeks at her Hamptons studio in Water Mill, where for seven days, she educated a group of forty women in fitness, nutrition, and general health.

This signals a new direction for Anderson, who’s a fitness innovator with Gwyneth Paltrow as a champion, business partner, and poster child. For the last thirteen years, Anderson’s focused on her exercise methodology—spreading it via her studios and her DVDs.

Tracy Anderson flanked by her top trainers Maria Kelling and Stacey McDermott

Now, with Detox Weeks, she’s on a mission to educate more broadly, giving daily lectures about her method, the mind-body connection, and hormonal mapping. Anderson hopes by teaching her gospel, her acolytes will continue to spread the word: “My responsibility is to get the information that works for women. My hope is that if I pay attention to the small groups that these women will also go out and educate. Social media is a powerful outlet for information.”

The 7-day program costs $1,800. “This is for women who’ve tried everything,” says Anderson. “Maybe they’ve got weight issues or hormonal issues. I work with my top trainers Maria Kelling and Stacey McDermott to solve problems.”

Three meals a day are prepared by Megan Grocutt, and her menu is largely raw. A sample menu might include Tracy’s shake in the morning (please give us the recipe!), a gazpacho, two daily purees that sound a little like, um, baby food (apple/blueberry, pea puree, carrot/mint), one daily salad such as wilted kale or arugula with watermelon, plus chocolate pudding, and souped-up water beverages like Neuro Sonic and Neuro Bliss.

There’s no slouching on this schedule. Participants commit four hours a day. Two hours are devoted to Master Classes with Tracy where she introduces new apparatus including rope cinches and a new type of bands.

“The information is a brain dump of my thirteen years of study,” says Anderson. “Participants will learn about endurance, the brain’s connection to the muscle, the role of hormones, and how not to be a slave to dieting. I work with ahead-of-the-curve doctors and researchers. And we help to cure and prevent illness through nutrition.” And with this medicine comes a whole lot of sweaty cardio dance and sculpting workouts. —Alexia Brue

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