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running skirt Omala skeggingYou’ve heard of the skort, the women’s shorts that masquerade as a skirt. Well, meet the skegging, a skirt-and-yoga-legging combo that covers your backyard. Alert the grammar police. Or the fashion police. Your choice.

The unitard du jour allows you to conceal and reveal thanks to a drawstring on one side that makes the skirt semi-retractable. (One almost wants to say it lends a ruching effect.)

The skegging is the design of Kate Gaertner, owner of Omala, an online “yoga-inspired lifestyle store” based in Brooklyn. It’s currently the shop’s best-seller, confirming that the yoga-gear-as-street-apparel phenomenon is alive and well in Brooklyn.

Gaertner’s skeggings aren’t just good for the self-conscious, they’re good for the earth thanks to the renewable spandex-bamboo fabric. Bamboo fibers are five times more absorbent than cotton, have antibacterial properties, and, as most women know, are a hell of a lot more breathable than Lycra.

While some yogis might find the skirt too cumbersome for class, I’m seeing women running the Prospect Park loop in this and similar butt-covering contraptions. The skegging would be ideal for dance classes and probably for putting in your volunteer hours at the Park Slope Food Co-op, too.

Bamboo Capri Skegging, $75,

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